The 'What Not to Wear to Stores' Infographic is Revealing

 - Feb 27, 2012
References: visualnews
The 'What Not to Wear to Stores' infographic details what to wear when shopping to avoid being asked where the changing rooms are.

As phrases like "I need this in a different size" bounce off your ears, you slowly register that you’re not just another customer -- you are different. Others mope around wearing what they want, you, however, sport charcoal slacks, a black cotton v-neck and smart casual loafers. The perfect attire for Club Monaco. Too perfect. When a customer comes up and asks "Hello, where can I return these?" it finally hits you. To the other customers in the store, you are indistinguishable from someone who works there.

Neil Spencer, a contributor for, has posted the What Not to Wear to Stores infographic explaining what not to wear when shopping. If you’ve been known to walk into hardware stores wearing plaid, or stroll through Best Buy in a blue collared shirt, you’ll probably relate.