What Lies Beneath by Gabby O'Connor Embodies the Essence of Antarctica

What Lies Beneath by Gabby O'Connor is a striking art installation that looks like an overhanging iceberg. Nevertheless, it will not bring about frosty breaths or frozen fingers because it is not in fact made out of ice. Instead, the illuminating installation has been crafted out of blue-green tissue paper and staples.

Currently on view at the House of Walwera in Auckland, New Zealand, What Lies Beneath by Gabby O'Connor is comprised of thousands of small triangles coated in shellac. Like stained glass, the light shines through the sculpture, casting an atmospheric glow that is both calming and mesmerizing. As written by The Dominion Post, "The iceberg analogy connects with the importance and fragility of our ice caps. Indeed, [there is] a very real sensation that, like a melting ice form, it might fall to the ground at any time."