8 Arms That Look Hot Around Your Neck

 - Jul 7, 2007
References: blogs.modernjeweler
Last year it was birds. Bird tote bags, bird pillows, bird necklaces. Everywhere you turned someone had emblazoned a sparrow on some knick-knack or schmate. Well Neptune came out of the sea and stuck a big pitchfork in those poor birdies and brought us something from the deeps of the ocean, and equally appealing. The Octopus.

trendsOctopi necklaces are everywhere and in every price range. This red octopus necklace by relishdelish can be had for a sea-worthy $20.

Equally adorable is this brass and crystal octopus necklace from Jami Rodreguez at irepresentfashion.com

Our sea friend looks absolutely gorgeous in this sterling silver octopus necklace by Leslie Horman at Couturecandy.com

So fear not the tentacles of the octopus, accept the 8 armed hug and look great!