The Weird Faces Vending Machine by Matthias Dorfelt is Artistic

 - Nov 27, 2013
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There is a vending machine out there for just about anything and now there is one for doodles thanks to the Weird Faces Vending Machine. This particular dispenser provides a page full of fun illustrations that will endlessly amuse the person who purchased it.

Chock full of computer-generated drawings, the Weird Faces Vending Machine costs only three dollars to use. Once a person swipes his or her credit card, it uses the name on the card to personalize the illustrations as well as provide a personalized dedication from the artist.

Created by Los Angeles-based media artist and communication designer Matthias Dörfelt, the Weird Faces Vending Machine "gives a literal representation of how art is valued and treated as a commodity, especially in the context of a gallery," according to Psfk.