The Lullatic Portable Home is a Haute Life-Saving Apparel

 - Mar 29, 2011
References: lullatic & lullatic
The Lullatic Portable Home is the perfect mix between fashion and necessity.

Three Middlesex University students, Franziska Lusser, Hanna Nielsen, and Luca Romanyi, obviously were out too late one night and couldn’t find their way back to shelter. Hiding under Mary Poppins' skirt seemed like a genius idea, so they conjured up the portable, wearable dress for the urban nomad. They were philosophic about their concept clothing, saying that where you hang your hat, rather where-you-put-your-hat-on-a-pole-to-make-a-teepee, should not define your being. Rather, one should turn their surroundings into their abode with the Lullatic Portable Home, and appreciate the smaller pleasures, such as wearing your shelter to the office party.