The Watly is a Solar Hub That Provides Multiple Services

 - Apr 18, 2016
References: indiegogo & fastcoexist
A Barcelona-based company is changing the face of community infrastructure with a solar-powered device called 'The Watly.' Not only does the hub act as a source of renewable energy, but it also provides communities with clean water and Internet access.

The Watly is an energy hub that is currently being tested in a remote village in Ghana. The system is designed to help people living off the grid gain access to electricity, water and the Internet without going through traditional infrastructure This is possible thanks to the 'energynet,' which is a system that combines water purification and electricity production with information technology. In other words, the device leverages solar power to purify water and then uses photovoltaic technology to generate electricity.

By integrating three different services into a single system, the device provides a more efficient and eco-friendly way for communities to access clean water, electricity and the Internet.