The Water & Time Tap Attachment is an Aqua Blocker for Reducing H2O Waste

 - Feb 1, 2012
References: yankodesign
Busy modern people have no time to wait for the bath to fill, yet the modern world doesn't have the resources to lose the valuable life liquid in vain. The Water&Time nozzle works on the principal of many eco-friendly shower heads, restricting the output of the sink faucet to prevent over-consumption and accidental overflows.

Yuelong Liao and Xiaolu Zhang's clever Water&Time comprises a screw-on rim that can be connected to most kitchen and bathroom taps, a valve gate and an integrated rotary timer. To prepare for a baby's bath, a load of manual dishwashing, laundry or a number of other tasks, the user can fasten the fixture to the faucet, turn the dial to set a running time and leave the flow to shut off automatically.