This Water Purifying Machine Will Change the World

 - Jul 20, 2013
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Water purifying machines play an important role in quenching thirst, but also in international development and the future of the planet. Access to clean drinking water is not only a basic need, it’s a basic human right. Communities in developing countries require clean drinking water to survive, as well as to lift themselves out of poverty. On the bright side, UNICEF partnered up with the Gothia Cup, creative agency Deportivo and engineer Andreas Hammar to develop the Sweat Machine. This groundbreaking technology converts sweat into drinkable water by extracting perspiration from clothing and purifying it until it’s clean.

The Sweat Machine was unveiled during the Gothia Cup, which is the biggest youth football tournament worldwide. Competitors and spectators alike are welcome to bring their sweaty clothes and try a glass of water. The machine will continue to be available throughout the games.