The 9091 Water Kettle Lets Out a Beautiful Melody When Water is Ready

Normally a water kettle makes an ear-piercing screech when its water is heated to perfection but this Alessi product challenges that norm by offering a sweeter alarm.

Italian-made, the 9091 Water Kettle is a premium product manufactured by the Alessi brand. This stainless steel kettle is the brand's very first multi-sensory design and is far more sleek than most kettles in its range. Though this kettle displays a modern appeal and a simple notched handle, the most noteworthy thing about this product is the delightful melody it lets out when its water reaches a boil.

Due to the brass whistle attached to the kettle's nozzle, the 9091 Water Kettle sings a "mi" and "si" note which is much lovelier to hear than an alarming screech.