‘WAT-AAH!' is Jonas Brothers-Approved

 - Dec 10, 2008
References: drinkwataah & chunnel
Before ‘WAT-AAH!’ came onto the scene, no other product specifically marketed towards kids could claim to be free of sugar, artificial colors and artificial flavors. ‘WAT-AAH!’ is free of all of those additives, and is fortified with vitamins and minerals uniquely tailored to benefit a child’s growing body.

‘WAT-AAH!’ is bottled water that contains electrolytes and calcium and comes in four flavors: Bones, Brain, Energy, and Body. The beverage is meant to target child obesity by providing kids with a healthier--but still cool--alternative to sugary drinks.

Marketing water and healthy food to kids isn’t easy, so ‘WAT-AAH!’ has employed a terrific strategy--fun. The Jonas Brothers were seen drinking the beverage exclusively while performing at The Ross School in the Hamptons. Curiously, a ‘WAT-AAH!’ sand sculpture was also in attendance. And between the interactive website and the commercials that have taken YouTube by storm, I’m forced to admit that yelling "WAT-AAH!" actually sounds like fun.

Images 5-10: Tinster08