This Chocolate Drink Can Be Warmed in the Microwave

'International Delight' recently launched a line of pre-mixed drinks that simply need to be warmed in the microwave. When it comes to hot chocolate, consumers often have to choose between purchasing the drink from a nearby coffee shop or making hot cocoa from a pre-packed drink mix. Although these powdered mixes make it easy to prepare hot chocolate, it can be difficult to get the ratio just right.

International Delight is now offering an easier way to enjoy delicious hot chocolate at home. The 'Heat & Drink' line consists of pre-mixed hot chocolate that comes in a chilled carton. The drink mixture is made from real milk, sugar and cocoa, which gives it a rich chocolate taste. When consumers want to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, they can simply warm the drink in the microwave.

The Heat & Drink beverages are available in a Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate variety.