The 'Want VS Need' Infographic Questions Good Time Management

 - Apr 7, 2012
References: fomo.timerazor
The Want VS Need : The Never Ending Game infographic groups daily activities into categories and showcases how more often than not one's "fear of missing out" forces them to cram too much into their day.

Created by timeRAZOR, the graphic is an accompaniment to a game that challenges players to see how effectively they balance their time and whether they are trying too hard to do everything, and stretching themselves too thin in doing so.

The pictorial lists a slew of daily activities and scores each according to whether it is a want or a need; awarding each item more or less points depending on how important it is.

Everything from getting a car washed, a phone fixed and planning a budget meeting fill up the "needs" section while activities like "go to a baseball game and eat weight in nacho cheese" and planning a Vegas vacation round out the "wants" section.

The graphic, and the game, force people to ponder whether or not they are emphasizing the right things in life.