The 'Alben Bubble' Wall Vase Attaches to Your Wall to Give You a Full View

 - Aug 16, 2013
References: fancy
The 'Alben Bubble' wall vase attaches to your wall to give your home a green feel. Alben Bubble was designed to be filled with water so that you can use it for your favorite aquatic plants. The curved glass lets you see every inch of your beautiful plant so that you can appreciate it in its full glory. Since the vase is mounted on the wall, you can get a complete look at your favorite fauna.

The sleek wall vase has built-in features to ensure that your plant survives. The top of the vase has a round hole to give your plant access to fresh air and so that it has room to grow. In addition, the vase's glass exterior means that your plant can get as much sunlight as it wants.