The Acuwake Sock Lets Your Start Your Day Off On the Right Foot

 - Mar 5, 2014
References: & tuvie
A better alternative to an obnoxious alarm clock would be a nice massaging wake up sock.

The Acuwake sock gives you a gentle wake-up call in the morning, and gradually pulses your foot until you're fully and happily awake. If you have a hard time getting out of bed, there is an Acuwake Shock app which allows you to connect with loved ones, and can be activated by them to wake you up. The only way to turn off the messaging alarm is to get out of bed and place pressure on the sock, which will deactivate the alarm and force you to get out of bed and start moving.

If you can't stand the sound of your unpleasant alarm clock blaring in your ear, opt for a sweet and satisfying massage from the Acuwake sock; it targets certain pressure points that aim at your heart, intestines and other organs. Start your morning off feeling rejuvenated and enlivened, so you can walk over the day's obstacles.