Amazon Tap and Echo Dot Helps Streamline Household Duties and More

 - Mar 7, 2016
References: fastcompany
Riding off of the success of Echo, Amazon has since unveiled two new voice-control devices: Tap and Echo Dot. Two great alternatives to what's currently on the market, they serve basically the same purpose: they bring the personal assistant function out of the smartphone and into the home in a more tangible way.

The voice-control devices are nevertheless very unobtrusive. Sleek and simple, people will be able to keep them around the house without fear of them taking away from the overall home decor. The Amazon Tap allows people to order Amazon music, get weather and traffic info, order food and more. The Echo Dot is much more basic, but still incredibly helpful. A secondary device to the original Echo, it delivers voice information and alarm clock functions in addition to a few other basic features.