The Voice Of Life App Lets Premature Babies Hear Comforting Womb Sounds

 - May 7, 2016
References: youtube & engadget
Voice Of Life is a wonderful new smartphone audio app, designed by Korean electronics giant Samsung, that is designed to make it possible for premature babies to listen to comforting sounds inspired by their mother's wombs.

The sound of a mother's voice isn't just reassuring for babies, but it also has a positive impact on brain development. This is where Voice Of Life comes in. The app allows mothers to record their voice and heartbeat on their phone. It then removes higher frequencies so that the resulting audio sounds more like the kinds of sounds the baby would hear inside the womb.

In addition to comforting babies and aiding in their development, this audio app also allows mothers to connect with babies in a manner that hasn't been possible before in the case of premature babies who are often restricted to incubators.