No More Voicemail Disables Callers from Leaving Voice Messages

 - Mar 2, 2016
References: & techcrunch
The No More Voicemail app stops callers from leaving voice messages, prompting them instead to send text messages when appropriate. The service is specifically designed for consumers that don't check their voicemail often or find little use for it at all. Rather than directing the caller to a messaging system, the app sends unanswered calls to a state of endless ringing in order to discourage them from leaving a voicemail. The roundabout service offers a non-confrontational way to avoid taking calls.

Voicemail is starting to phase out, as consumers are embracing text messaging as a way to contact one another -- even when the opposite person isn't instantly available. The No More Voicemail platform further supports this by turning calls into endless rings, disabling callers from leaving a voicemail all together. The app hopes to inspire callers to no longer leave voice messages and instead opt for texting.