The VO Viking Odin Strikes Down with Luxurious Fury

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: vovapen & driven.urbandaddy
Style is probably the last thing you think of when it comes to rifles, but that's probably because you haven't laid your eyes on the VO Viking Odin yet.

Before Marvel fans jump up for joy, no it's not a rifle based on Odin from the comic book world of Thor. Instead, the firearm is a tribute to the Norse God straight from Nordic mythology. Look on top of the rifle and you'll see the ruler of Asgard engraved onto it with his ravens Hugin and Munin flying above his head. The luxurious part is the 24 carats of gold background that's behind the picture that'll definitely make the price jump up more than just a couple levels. This luxurious rifle comes at a hefty price at $300,000, so if you want to lock and load with the rich, this is the way to go.