Vivoli Il Gelato is Making Spaghetti & Meatballs Out of Gelato

 - May 16, 2019
References: delish
If you're visiting Vivoli Il Gelato at Orlando's re-vamped Disney Springs, you may want to look closely at what you're ordering. That's because the restaurant is currently churning out a realistic spaghetti and meatball dinner that is made entirely from gelato.

Vivoli Il Gelato's deceptive spaghetti dish is made by putting cream gelato through a pasta strainer, which churns out stringy gelato noodles. The noodles are then topped with scoops of chocolate gelato, which serve as the meatballs, and a rich strawberry purée that acts as the red sauce. To top it all off, white chocolate shavings are sprinkled on top just like cheese. The result is one tasty looking dish that will also cool you down on a hot day.

Image Credits: Chelsea Lupkin.