Glossy 'Magic Spheres' Amaze with Sound and Light

 - Feb 17, 2009
References: coroflot
Expecting people over for a fun get together? Pop up the music with a slick set of Magic Spheres! This lively concept brings about a radical change in perspective regarding sound systems and their potential features.

Opposite the grounded rectangular sound-producing arrangements, this innovative prototype shines its lustrous globular art pieces and vivid multifunctional features. Wall-mounted into a mural-like arrangement and emitting high quality tunes and amazing in-sync visuals, these novel speaker and woofer spheres re-invent home entertainment. The disco-wannabe system is remotely controlled and can be synchronized with any player.

Designed by Morteza Faghihi, Magic Spheres are a great addition for music-passionate homes as well as for any context relating to music-enthusiasts; after all, it would truly make a killer nightclub wall! And you thought those petty PC music player visualizations were cool.