'Visual Out' Captures the Visual Aesthetic of an Ancient PC

 - Mar 30, 2018
References: madameberry & indiegames
Games within computer settings are not uncommon, but Visual Out manages to actually breathe new life in the mainframe of a dying computer. Visual Out sets players on an adventure through files, code and a rotting mainframe, and utilizes an interesting environment-bending mechanic to make puzzle solving unique. Players will take control of a rogue program descending into the operating system of a collapsing cyberspace with the goal of uncovering secrets of the computer and its creators.

With a glitchy and flickering aesthetic, Visual Out manages to beautifully capture and create the look of an old school computer. Pixel art populates the screen, and players will view the world through the screen of CRT monitor. The color palette is washed in dark shades, but the game does manage to use color in a way that indicates useful items and damaging blasts. Gameplay takes on a Metroidvania feel and gives players an expansive world to traverse filled with pitfalls and enemy bosses.