Zoomii On-Line Bookstore

 - Jul 2, 2008
References: zoomii & infosthetics
Launched on June 16th Zoomii is the brainchild of Ontario based Chris Theissen. This innovative new shopping website makes perusing for books on-line a friendlier and lifelike experience than existing bookseller sites. On Zoomii, books are displayed on shelves and you can maneuver throughout the 'bookstore' using the typical clink and drag method, zooming in and out, or by using the site's search box. Check out the instructional video that gives all the tips on searching Zoomii's 21,000 book website.

Theissen says he created Zoomii, "because I love bookstores. Spending afternoons wandering the shelves. Happening across great books I didn't even know existed. But it's an experience I never found online. Online bookstores are wonderful. They've got amazing prices, huge selections, and they're open all the time. If you know exactly what you want, they're perfect. But somehow I kept coming back to the bookstore just to browse. Zoomii is my attempt to bring online as much of the real bookstore experience as possible."

Zoomii refers its sales to Amazon either in Canada or the US, and receives a cut through the Amazon Associates Program. Zoomii also receives book information from Amazon Associates Web Services.