Nudo Virtual Plant Fostering

 - May 16, 2008
References: nudo-italia & onfoodandwine.wordpress
Have you always imagined having your very own olive tree on a romantic Italian hillside? Now you can! Olive oil producers Nudo, lets you 'foster' an olive tree in their groves in La Marche Italy. You even get to choose the area of the grove from where you want your tree.

With adoption comes reward; during the next year you will receive a “personalized adoption certificate and booklet about your tree”, a Spring package containing the olive oil produced from your tree and a Fall delivery of 3 flavoured extra virgin olive oils. They even encourage you to come for a visit, to photograph, water or just give your tree a big ol' hug. An update on how your tree is doing will be sent, if you request it.

I've seen this mode of marketing used for environmental causes, such as sponsoring endangered animals and rainforests. Interesting, how the adoption approach has migrated to the food industry.