OnCall's Virtual Healthcare Suite is Easy to Personalize

 - Apr 23, 2019
References: oncallhealth.us & hitconsultant.net
OnCall is an on-demand e-health platform that is simple and secure while connecting healthcare practitioners with patients more seamlessly. The easy-to-personalize platform prides itself on patient confidentiality and convenience with "secure virtual care (telemedicine) technology that facilitates video or text-based consultations for healthcare practices and streamlines procedures required to maintain patient privacy."

Saving both patients and healthcare practitioners time, this software has been adopted across a broad range of facilities and by professionals like doctors, nurses, counselors and other mental health personnel.

Through its research findings, OnCall has uncovered that "70% of healthcare appointments do not need to be in person" and that "84% of consumers want to communicate with their provider over video or email." The platform states that "92% of patients are satisfied with virtual care" and aims to make certified care more seamless and accessible for those seeking treatment.