Virtual Graffiti Keeps Walls Clean and Lets Artists Work in Peace

 - Aug 24, 2012
References: & tuvie
Alexander Knorr's Virtual Graffiti is designed to let street artist practice their craft permanently changing the look of a structure. Knorr's concept consists of a set of sensors, a projector and a virtual can. The projector turns the wall into a digital canvas which can then be decorated by the artist. Once the artist's work is done, it can be saved and downloaded for further editing or sharing online. The system can even tell you what the real-world equivalent of the digital colors used was.

Virtual Graffiti is a virtual (no pun intended) for all parties involved in the street art scene. Cops won't have to worry about chasing taggers; business owners won't have to pay to repaint walls and artists will be able to do their work in peace.