The 'KINK Vinegar Bottle' Features a Bizzare Handmade Bend

 - Aug 8, 2013
References: fancy
The 'KINK Vinegar Bottle' is a premium handmade vinegar dispenser with a twist. KINK was made with a beautiful asymmetrical feature at the neck of the bottle. Each vinegar container has a unique bend in the neck of the bottle that was naturally made in the glass forming process. A smooth layer of glass protrudes from the body of the bottle to make the top of the vinegar dispenser point at an angle.

Designer Deb Jones designed the custom-made bottles for homeware and jewellery retailer JamFactory. The bottles are made using traditional glassblowing techniques. However, the bend in the side is formed using an additional process. Newly-minted bottles are placed on a steel rod and heated. As the rod rotates, the bottle bends and forms a kink.