The Vincent AW13 Collection is Fit for the Boldly Poised Woman

The Vincent AW13 collection creates elegant ladylike silhouettes out of unorthodox materials. As though made for the punk rocker who has decided to embrace a more sophisticated look without losing her edginess or for the women of the future, the Vincent AW13 fashion line has more than a few futuristic and daring details. From the gossamer shirts to the shimmering sheer skirts and oversized jackets, the collection is chock full of interesting designs.

Nevertheless, the overall impression of the Vincent AW13 collection is chic. Even with the diverse use of innovative materials, the demure designs are made for urban, cosmopolitan women. As Fashionising aptly puts it, they will be "airy, poetic and poised for fall." Of course the lightweight fabrics and iridescent colours could easily be used for the summer season as well.