Viktor Timofeev Presents Unique Visuals that Emphasize Contrast

 - May 15, 2012
References: viktortimofeev & sweet-station
Paintings don’t have to require obscene amounts of detail in order to be gripping, as demonstrated by these Viktor Timofeev works. Through calculated contrast, the Berlin-based artist is able create visuals that can hold viewers’ attention despite his images not having recognizable subjects. Timofeev simply renders black panels, which have been arrange in an assortment of ways, and wildly smears red paint onto a white background to create a series that’s highly provocative and stimulating. Each piece tells an intriguing narrative, and yet there aren’t even any living characters in this gallery, proving you can achieve the same results as standard work while being entirely different in approach.

Viktor Timofeev’s use of red also highly resembles blood, which shocks audiences into more engagement as they try to discern how these airborne splatters happened within close proximity to the abstract black panels.