The Viking Axe Boomerang by Bricobart is a Deceptive Design

 - May 27, 2014
References: instructables & neatorama
For those who want to channel their inner Xena or Thor warrior, the Viking Axe Boomerang is just for them. Just like their own weapons of choice (chakram and hammer, respectively), this hatchet returns when thrown in battle (or even more fun). The biggest difference is that the Viking Axe Boomerang isn't an axe at all, but a boomerang made to look like one.

Created by Instructables member Bricobart, the Viking Axe Boomerang is made entirely out of wood. Yet due to great craftsmanship, it looks like the real deal at first glance (and even the second). The 'blade' part of the boomerang has been painted a realistic metal color. Inspired by his love of axe-throwing, which is not encouraged by the law, Bricobart created this boomerang instead and provided DIY instructions for others.