The Chatlight Video Call Light Illuminates Your Face During Chats

 - Nov 5, 2015
Using FaceTime, Skype or any other video-based calling technology has revolutionized the way we communicate without friends and loved ones, but finding the optimal lighting can sometimes be tough, so the Chatlight Video Call Light is here to help you instantly illuminate your face to transmit perfectly clear images.

Designed to hook onto your tablet, smartphone or laptop, the Chatlight Video Call Light features an internal battery that, when charged fully, will provide you with up to 90-minutes of illumination; perfect for long chats. You can easily adjust the brightness on the Chatlight Video Call Light to ensure you aren't blinded by the device when you're trying to make out the other person on the screen.

You'll never have to worry about replacing the bulb on the Chatlight Video Call Light because it's good for a whopping 50,000-hours of illumination.