Victor Ponomarenko Paints Edible Objects in a Realistic Manner

 - May 3, 2012
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Several famous artists have made a name for themselves by illustrating nostalgic objects in a hyperrealistic manner, but Victor Ponomarenko may be the first of the bunch to focus heavily on gourmet breakfast products. His still life renderings often depict tables filled with hearty items, like bread loaves, that are arranged in the most visually pleasing positions before Ponomarenko undertakes the task of painting. The resulting images are so captivating that viewers simply want to reach into the pictures and savor each delectable object within the pieces.

For those curious, Victor Ponomarenko is currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he paints for a living. His foray into still life is rather recent as his portfolio is mostly comprised of portraits of old men and wintery landscape renderings.