Defrancesco's Vibso Can Transmit Music Through its Clear Glass Band

 - Mar 5, 2014
References: core77 & dezeen
Italian student Renaud Defrancesco of ECAL has created and designed a new way of experiencing music with Vibso. Visbo is a transparent acrylic glass band that is capable of passing music to the wearer's ears. "You are bathed in music without being isolated like with normal headphones, which can be dangerous because you don't hear what's around you," says Defrancesco.

The transparent headphones create cadence with an electromagnet that vibrates from the top of the headband and is playable via Bluetooth. The surface used on the speakers is a two millimeter thick transparent acrylic glass membrane that is able to smoothly transmit music and it is flexible.

As the user wears the headphones, the vibrations travel down to the curved membrane form without the user feeling the tiny pulses. The headphones also cancel out noise and can be shared with friends when they place their ear on the other side of the band.