The Vibia 45-Degree Collection Brings More Dimension to Interior Lighting

 - Sep 4, 2012
References: vibialight & trendir
There is simultaneously a very earthy and an industrial effect to installing the Vibia 45-Degree Collection on one's ceiling. With their varying lengths, the light fixtures appear to mimic the look of stalactites on the roof of a cave; however, their regular cylindrical shapes and consistent circumferences are quite clearly the product of mass manufacturing.

Victor Carrasco's design brings the role of the metal pipe out of the wall and into full view. On the ceiling they serve a very different practical purpose but they also act as compelling sculptures.

One is afforded sufficient freedom of creativity in the positioning of the Vibia 45-Degree Collection pieces. He can strive for rational regularity or a more organic arrangement. You cannot deny the particularly intriguing visual effect of the latter strategy that seems to plant roots from the room above.