The EatWave Vending Machine Delivers Hot and Cold Food

 - Nov 12, 2012
References: eatwavevending & gizmag
While vending machines are usually filled with long-lasting items like chips and chocolate bars, EatWave has come up with a new way to get quick (hot or cold) food for those on the go.

The idea? A vending machine that prepares quick food hot or cold. Anything that needs to be served cold is sent straight to the bottom. But anything that needs to be heated makes a stop to the internal microwave that ensures the meal is thoroughly cooked. The internal microwave is a patent pending heating system that ensures all of the meals requiring a quick heat up are warmed all the way through.

The vending machine itself can hold trays of about 60 different items that can be modified. This type of vending machine would be popular in places like the airport, colleges, or anywhere else where people might need to grab a quick meal on the go.