Get a Full Body Workout WIth the Varibike Bicycle

 - Sep 17, 2013
References: varibike & tuvie
Health-nuts and fitness-buffs will be pleased to hear of the Varibike Bicycle, which provides a full-body workout. Typically, cycling is classified as a cardiovascular exercise which interests those who want to burn fat and strengthen legs. The main issue is that other muscle groups are targeted with much more precision over others.

The Varibike Bicyle offers a full-body workout simply by restructuring how we typically use a bicycle. For instance, to turn the bike, one simply leans their body, to propel or accelerate forward, one uses opposed parallel motions with both your arms and legs (as opposed to simply holding the handlebars). Individuals generate a much greater power output, and work several muscle groups (arms, legs, chest, shoulders, back), simultaneously.

This efficient vehicle has changed the way in which we understand cycling, and may a huge game-changer in realm of fitness as a whole.