These ‘Vam-Pi-re' T-Shirts and Hoodies Will Attract Geeks

 - Apr 13, 2012
References: amazon & geekalerts
The time has come for geeks to redefine the world "cool" with the release of these amazing ‘Vam-Pi-re’ T-shirts and hoodies on They are simple pullovers that read "VAMPIRE" with the "PI" replaced with the mathematical symbol for pi.

This is an extremely simple, yet eye-catching attempt at using pi in a pop cultural context. With Pi Day just past, this geeky apparel could not have come at a better time. Somehow I get the feeling that attracting women is the goal here, consider most females nowadays have Edward Cullen fever. The Vam-Pi-re T-shirts and hoodies from Amazon are a geek’s version of Twilight and, though their skin may not glow, their sweaters will probably have ladies wanting to try a bite.