The Value of Employees Can be Determined Via Furniture and Vision

 - Dec 22, 2012
References: blogs.payscale
The truth behind the exact value of employees in a workplace is often unknown until their annual evaluation. However, workers can test out their own self-worth using the trusty flow chart that determines company standing via office environment, their seating arrangements and what kind of furniture they are using.

Where one sits, what they sit on and their line of sight is a telltale sign of how important they are to a business. Although it doesn't necessarily mean that one is rendered insignificant, it does determine a certain level of stature. Though easier to determine in traditional offices, the 'How Valued are You at Work' infographic uses a few simple questions to rank the value of the employees and identify which ones are the Go-Getters, the Sellouts, the Protocol Droids, Sole Survivors and many others.