The V & A Chairs are a Marriage of Old and New Materials

 - Jan 11, 2012
References: tomas-alonso &
It's rare to see the integration of modern materials with aged wood, outside of any shoddy attempts at restoring old structures. Quite uniquely, these V&A Chairs are assembled from solid ash, genuinely acquired from the ceilings of old Victorian buildings.

Beautiful and brown, slats of the matured timber make for soft textured seats to match a gorgeous antique hybrid table by the same designer, Tomas Alonso. Bits of paler lumber are incorporated into the pieces to provide base supports such as legs and frames, but your eyes will more likely be drawn to the brightly colored metal tubes.

Each of the V&A Chairs incorporates a single unbroken powder coated steel pipe, painted in a bold hue and bent to fit the dimensions of the object. The delightful furnishings offer a hint of history, a pinch of pigment and a playful spec of apparent asymmetry.