'Gotcha' Creates Micro User Surveys to Gather Usable Data

 - Feb 7, 2017
References: gotcha.io & betalist
'Gotcha' is a new platform for creating micro user surveys in order to more accurately learn about your users without having to encourage them to take a long questionnaire.

Surveys that are prompted to users are often quite long and abstract, and can lead to users abandoning them before completion. 'Gotcha' aims to curb this by utilizing a far shorter survey that are micro in size and embeddable. This means administrators will learn through smaller, more frequent questionnaires to better understand how to turn visitors into customers.

The 'Gotcha' user survey platform allows administrators to analyze the data that is provided by users in order to create set triggers using if-this-then-that rules. This can help brands to drive monetization and increase overall growth.