This Unusual Search Engine Helps You Find Useful Online Services

 - Aug 18, 2015
References: randomusefulwebsites & bustle
Random Useful Websites is a new kind of search engine that helps users find useful online services. While absentmindedly surfing the web can be entertaining, it can also help one uncover a new favorite site. This clever online tool narrows down the hunt by finding useful sites for users.

Just as the name suggests, Random Useful Websites works by pulling up various online sources. The usual search engine not only keeps users entertained, but also helps them find useful online services they may not have heard of previously. The clever digital tool scours the depths of the Internet to bring users everything from websites that will help them learn a new language to online tools that gauge how well their WiFi is working.

Although Random Useful Websites may not be the most efficient way of searching for different online services, it does help to direct users to online tools that might help them in their daily life.