This Useful Infographic Shares Clever Tips to Living Longer

 - Feb 2, 2013
References: confused
This playfully useful infographic from the Sunday Times lays out 22 simple ways to extend one's life.

The aptly named Fountain of Youth Chart includes life-altering advice that is fairly easy to implement into everyday life. The name of the graph is inspired from the story of a fabled fountain that has the power to make whoever dips into it younger. Each tip is accompanied by a associative cartoon and useful facts. The infographic is also broken down into different sections like social life, body and diet. For some people, they may only need advice in specific areas. The breakdown of this chart makes it easy to target what area needs the most improvement.

The wisdom behind the chart believes that 70% of aging comes from the choices we make. This really hits the point home how important it is to make good choices.