This Pharmacy Chain Accepts Used Electronics and Batteries

 - May 24, 2016
References: greendeal & greendeal
The Canadian pharmacy chain London Drugs is currently running a comprehensive recycling program that makes it easier for consumers to dispose of used electronics in a safe and convenient way. While there are a number of electronics retailers that offer 'take back' programs, many of these stores are out of the way and are not places that consumers would normally visit on a regular basis. The London Drugs program makes it more convenient for consumers to drop off products for recycling with the chain's many locations.

Unlike other retailers that only accept batteries or ink cartridges, London Drugs accepts everything from cell phones to small appliances. Consumers simply have to bring in their old electronics and drop them off in the store's designated recycling space. The pharmacy then works with programs such as Call2Recycle in order to ensure that items such as old batteries are safely disposed off. Any usable materials are also salvaged in order to reduce waste and breathe new life into old products.

The London Drugs program ultimately gives consumers an easy way to recycle their electronics without the need to make a trip to a specialty store.