Marcel Neundörfer Extends Bathroom Advertising (UPDATE)

 - Mar 28, 2006   Updated: Apr 20 2011
References: techdigest
Get more accurate while aiming your pee. That's the concept behind Marcel Neundörfer's interactive urinal videogames. The concept isn't too far off the urinal advertising we featured earlier. Wild.

Implications - Today's consumer lives in a fast-paced world that is saturated with media, advertising and entertainment. As a result, any lull in this near-constant barrage can be an agonizing affair bereft that is noticeably bereft of interest or amusement. Innovations like this speak to this reality by bringing interactive entertainment to even the most counter-intuitive environments and activities. By approaching even the most straight-forward of objects with the intention to make them interactively appealing, companies can simultaneously inform and entertain consumers.