Urban Melodies by Alessio Trerotoli is Full of Hypnotic Layers

 - Dec 24, 2014
References: facebook & fubiz.net
As though seeing the modern world through the eyes of an insect, the Urban Melodies photo series superimposes the landscape of cities in a surreal way. Full of interconnecting layers of the same scene, there are minute differences that almost make it feel as though people are walking through time very slowly. It is this feeling that makes the Urban Melodies series so enchanting.

Shot by Alessio Trerotoli, a photographer based in Rome, Italy, the Urban Melodies photo series captures his appreciation of concrete jungles in a way that almost transcends them to an even more wild and natural status. Fubiz writes, "By juxtaposing same images, the artist aims to show an usual image in a conceptual way, almost impressionist. Here everything is duplicated, the lights, the structures multiply and build a new vision of life."