This Unusual Wedding Venue Took Place on a Thomas Cook Flight at 30,000'

A Thomas Cook flight was the unusual wedding venue for Marieke and Alexander and it was quite a spontaneous one too. Around Valentine's Day this year, Thomas Cook asked on Facebook: "If you could marry your love on a plane, would you do it?" Alexander immediately answered with a resounding yes, so the brand decided to make this become a reality. With lots of secret preparations from Alexander, friends and family, it was arranged so that the proposal and ceremony could all happen at 30,000 feet in the air.

After Marieke said yes, it was revealed that her family was also hiding out onboard. The bride and groom got dressed up, there were decorations and music for the ceremony and since the wedding took place on a plane, it certainly made it easy for the couple to be whisked off to a romantic honeymoon destination.