'Unsatisfying' is a Compilation of the Most Frustrating Moments

 - Nov 3, 2016
References: parallel-studio & thenextweb
Sometimes things work out perfectly, and sometimes things don't work out at all, but sometimes things comes so close to working out perfectly that it's even more infuriating when they fail; 'Unsatisfying' charmingly (and frustratingly) depicts that third scenario. The short film, created by Parallel Studio, gives animated examples of some of the most frustrating imperfections that people can encounter.

The short compilation features some very visceral moments of frustration. Some of them are nostalgic, like a teddy bear just barely escaping the clutches of the claw game or a DVD logo just slightly askew from bouncing directly into corner of the TV screen. Others are more universal, such as a spoon slipping into a bowl of soup or a nail getting bent out of shape. Regardless of what's shown, the video is charmingly animated in pastel colors that mitigate the vicarious frustration one might feel.