You Can Use the World-Renowned Unreal Engine 3 on Any Browser Soon

 - Oct 5, 2011
References: kotaku
Unreal Engine 3, the world's most popular 3D engine and among the industry's most powerful development tools, has had its innards economized to such an extend that its playable in web browsers. That's right! Say goodbye to FarmVille's cartoonish sprites and say hello to Unreal Tournament's visceral giblets and colorful explosions.

The technology that powers Internet browsers has advanced to such an extent that it can effectively harness the power of your computer, as opposed to being limited by Mozilla or Chrome's onboard visuals. Epic Games, the studio behind the world-renowned Gears of War, recently announced that a downsized, yet largely unchanged version of Unreal Engine 3 is supported by Adobe Flash. Though it's unclear when e-games will begin offering these spell-binding graphics, the mere possibility is encouraging.