The Unplugged Power Suit Changes the Face of Healthcare

 - Dec 2, 2015
References: & factor-tech
A group of researchers at Hiroshima University in Japan and the Daiya Industry Corporation have created a highly responsive, effective and minimalist exoskeleton.

Mobility-assisting exoskeletons are not altogether new as an invention. However, the problem with current models is that not all of the power boost is used to help the wearer or patient, because some of it is needed simply to move the exoskeleton itself along. However, the Unplugged Power Suit gets around this problem by getting rid of batteries and motors. It is completely unplugged as its name suggests, and uses the wearer's natural weight to move itself forward.

This exoskeleton makes for a more effective and efficient way to assist the disabled and elderly in their day-to-day mobility.