Union Suiza Vases Challenge Convention and Configuration

 - Feb 9, 2012
References: martinazua & notcot.org
For thousands of years now, functional vases have also been treated to striking aesthetic embellishment. Such items have been long sculpted to take smooth and symmetrical shapes, then these Union Suiza Vases appear to reinvent the ideal composition.

Martin Azua designed his silver vases with a hard metallic material, celebrated for its burnished surfaces, and so molded to take multifaceted forms. If you look closely, you will see that there is a rationality to the shape of each plane, repeated uniformly to enclose the long narrow space inside.

To add an extra dimension to the Union Suiza Vases, their creator constructed an intricate framework of wooden sticks, allowing the heavy hollow jewels to seem suspended in place. These have been assembled to take more haphazard arrangements that enable the amphoras to be set down on odd angles.