The Unicef Dirtglobe Campaign Encouraged Donations for Haiti

 - Jun 8, 2011
References: unicef4haiti & adsoftheworld
Snow globes are such iconic objects, that rarely change fundamentally in form. When an adaptation is made, such as part of the Unicef Dirtglobe campaign, people are sure to take notice.

The Grey advertising agency of Budapest, Hungary, took up the challenge of catching the media's eye as a way to increase awareness following the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti. Replicating the contaminating effect of the natural disaster on the Caribbean country's water supply, this playful spherical model takes just a simple shake to mix mud in with the precious liquid.

The charity offered these trinkets as gifts to radio stations, TV networks, newspapers and websites to push for free advocacy of the foundation's work on this matter. As a result, the Unicef Dirtglobe campaign brought in $90 million HUF.